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Manhole (Round, Square)

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Round manhole to assembly for rain & sewage water

Name of product Diameter Height Thickness of wall Weight(TON)
Round type Manhole
700 800 150 1.4
700 1000 200 1.7
900 600 200 1.5
900 1000 200 2.0
900 1200 200 2.3
1200 1200 200 3.0
1200 1500 200 3.6
1500 1500 250 6.0
1500 1800 250 6.9

Square sewer manhole

In Comparison with Cast-in-place & Self-assembly Manhole

Section Cast-in-place Cast-in-place
Way of
After form work, Concrete → Cast Box Installation after produce using unified method of construction & high strength
Order of
1. Digging→ 2. Consolidate the ground→
3. Ground concrete work→ 4. Arrange rebar→
5. Ground concrete work→ 6. Form work of arrangement slab rebar→ 7. Concrete→
8. Cure→ 9. Get rid of form work→ 10. Re-fill up
1. Digging→ 2. Consolidate the ground→
3. Place assembling manhole→ 4. Re-fill up
Period of
Planned section concrete: time of cure
(depends on season) Assembling & get rid of form work: At least 3 days
1 day construction completion
Stability Being good with strength of 28 days Strict process, Manufacture products with quality management
Avoiding defect with construction, excellence of peach & durability
Moderate price comparatively (if secure personnel expenses, spot workers, material of form work..
so on)
No personnel expenses of spot (form work, Cast-in-place concrete)
Good points 1. Convenient to install as shape
2. Good to connect with existed installation
1. Reduction of construction period (Process)
2. Excellence of peach & durability with strict quality management
3. Reduction of civil complains with short period construction & minimized construction area
4. No change of plan strength by external factors
5. Stable structure due to unified self-assembly way
6. Convenient to construct on weak found
7. Possible to pass for cars as soon as finish installation
8. Possible to construct in winter season
9. Possible for special produce by order
Weak points 1. Unavoidable to meet limit of quality management due to cast-in-place
2. Weakness of peach & durability due to external quake after cast-in place
3. Lowering of strength when placing concrete in water
4. Civil complains due to long period construction
5. Require many human powers
6. Increase expense for winter season & Rainy weather
There is possibility of difficulty to transport depending on product size
Note Key point is to reduce expense's rise with manufacture process management